What the Critics Said

"Muggleton ultimately takes the audience from comfort and intimacy to the edge of their seats in suspense in Burn."

"Muggleton and the cast takes the time to establish characters and invite the audience into their private world. Empathy is a powerful drug and it’s this intimacy makes the suspense and horror, when it does come, that much more powerful."

"It’s obvious that Muggleton knows a thing or two about people – how they love, how they doubt, and what and how they fear."

Maja Stefanovska, Capital Critics Circle​​


"A highly suspenseful ghost story that holds you in its fiery grip right up until the final moments."

 "Written and directed by John Muggleton, Burn is a well-crafted and highly suspenseful ride that manages to keep you intrigued for the duration"

 Alan Mackey, On Stage Ottawa

​"As a suspense playwright, Muggleton appreciates the need to orchestrate surprises. Like J.B. Priestley in An Inspector Calls and Anthony Shaffer in Sleuth, he understands the dramatic devices that can work in throwing an audience off balance."

"Burn has more provocative concerns in mind than such Christieland items as A Murder Has Been Announced or And Then There Were None."

Jamie Portman, Capital Critics Circle


"I was almost dumbstruck by how naturalistic the whole affair felt, and the sense that I was peering in on a group of old friends whose lives were slowly being turned upside down for reasons they didn't understand was wonderful, and more than a little unsettling"

 "This is a terrific homegrown slice of mystery and psychological mayhem, and it's wonderful to see an original local show performing so well."

Kevin Reid, The Visitorium

"John Muggleton’s sense of humour stays hidden until the last moment of the play...I enjoyed the play enormously, it was well acted, excellently scripted and directed. The set was also perfectly gloomy to really add shadows to the corners of our minds and the play."

 Stacey Diffin-Lafleur, Ottawa Tonite

"Muggleton is a talented playwright who is able to construct a complex network of relations that let themselves morph into an apparent horror story before anyone realizes what is happening. Muggleton knows his craft and even when the end seems in site, he still keeps us begging for more until the final moments."

Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle