"Burn is a highly suspenseful ghost story that holds you in its fiery grip right up until the final moments” 
- Onstage Ottawa

Burn by John Muggleton

Long-time friends Robert, Samira and David have gathered to toast the life of their recently deceased friend, the famed horror writer Paul Morris. Paul had also been very close friends with Robert’s wife, Tara, another horror novelist who disappeared five years earlier. Although Robert has never given up hope that Tara is alive, he surprises the others by revealing that he has decided to publish some of her unfinished short stories. 

The three friends are nervously awaiting the arrival of a mysterious woman named Eve. She has contacted Robert saying she’s a daughter Paul never knew he had until shortly before his death. Apparently Paul has asked Eve to carry out one last wish – deliver a mysterious package to his three friends.

Eve arrives. She is young and friendly but there is something decidedly unsettling about her. The close-knit group welcomes her in, and they reminisce about her father and the ghost stories they used to share when they were all younger. Wine flows, and Eve reveals she was a huge fan of Tara’s writing. Then she decides to tell a ghost story of her own. The mood changes as disturbing private details are revealed – details that may have something to do with Tara’s disappearance.

Is Eve really Paul’s daughter? Why has she come? What does she know? Before the evening is over, everyone’s lives will be turned upside down, friendships will be ripped apart and forgotten memories uncovered. 

Then the twist

Nominated for 16 awards

Psychological Thriller
100 minutes; no intermission (optional with permission)
4 characters (2 m, 2 f)
2 minor characters in voice over



Breakaleg Productions

Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK

March, 2022

Pasadena Little Theatre
Houston, Texas

Oct. 15 - 31, 2021

South Simcoe Theatre

May 5th - 22nd, 2022​

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Scotland, UK

August 2022

Centre Wakefield la Peche
Wakefield, Quebec

May 2020 (postponed)

Vagabond Theatre
Cornwall, Ontario

April 2020 (postponed)

Ottawa Little Theatre
Ottawa, Ontario

Feb 2022 (If limits allow)

Curtain Club Theatre
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jan/Feb 2020

Sawmill Playhouse
Dartmouth, N.S.

February 2019

Tsawwassen Arts Centre
Vancouver, B.C.
September 2018

The Gladstone
Ottawa, Ontario

August 17 - 26, 2017

The Avalon Studio
Ottawa, Ontario

August 2016
Nov/Dec 2016