A play by John Muggleton

Megan Carty

Shots from Burn's premier at the Avalon Studio, Ottawa, November 2016

Tahera Mufti and Michael Thompson

Chris Torti and Tahera Mufti

Megan Carty

Shots from Burn's run at the Gladstone Theatre, Ottawa, August 2017

Nominated For Best New Play

Capital Critics Circle Awards

2016/17 Nominations




Delta, BC

October 11 - 27


2 more TBA soon!

​"Muggleton takes the audience from comfort and intimacy to the edge of their seats in suspense in Burn."    

-   Maja Stefanovska, Capital Critics Circle​​

 "A highly suspenseful ghost story that holds you in its fiery grip right up until the final moments."  

-   Alan Mackey, On Stage Ottawa

 "​This is a terrific homegrown slice of mystery and psychological mayhem...Just make sure the lights are working at home before you check it out...this one may very well leave you with an awesome case of the creeps."  

-  Kevin Reid, The Visitorium

"Muggleton is a talented playwright who is able to construct a complex network of relations that let themselves morph into an apparent horror story before anyone realizes what is happening, he keeps us begging for more until the final moments."

- Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle