John Muggleton


Burn has been produced at theatres across Canada and has been nominated for 11 awards collectively 

"Actually he was buried in a bog, and unfortunately for you, the body should be fully preserved.

Something about lack of it"

Three friends, Robert, David and Samira meet in a stylish downtown loft apartment. They have history. They are meeting, for the first time, the estranged daughter of a fourth friend, who is recently deceased. A friendly dinner party is underway. As the friends are all murder mystery enthusiasts who share a love of games, practical jokes and storytelling, they encourage the young guest, Eve, to play one of their games. The past is suddenly drawn into the present when she tells a story peppered with dark details of the hosts past.

As the evening becomes more sinister, the friends must face the truth of their past in order to make sense of the present and save their futures. Was the death of an old hermit deep in the woods of a small town simply folklore or did the lie of a young boy lead to a chain of events that still haunt them to this day? Is the disappearance of Tara, Robert's wife, connected? As Eve torments the group, they must make a choice between right and wrong. Kill and be free or admit to a crime so horrible, lives will be changed forever. 

The evening is turned to chaos. The choice is finally made. And as the act is about to be committed in order to save their own lives, Eve pulls one more twist. Her job is done. From beyond the grave, their friend has played one last joke on them, a joke that is payback for all the jokes they played on him over the years. 

Eve leaves the friends disheveled and in shock.

As what has happened sinks in, many questions still remain...who actually was Eve? Is there a body of the old hermit, Jimmy Knockles, buried in the woods?

The evening is far from over.

As they struggle to find answers, the final twist is revealed. Robert's wife Tara, is never coming home.